VHH's very own soccer ("football" in Haiti) team was started for at-risk youth. They are really great athletes and are able to spread the word about Vision Hope for Haiti every time they play! Click Here to follow them on Facebook!

Each summer, Vision Hope for Haiti hosts a Vacation Bible School for community children. Children receive meals each day and are given the opportunity to play, learn Bible stories and just be children! So many children look forward to this every year! It costs about $5,000 to provide a quality VBS for these children!

Community Water Well

Vacation Bible School

The Professional Training Center holds classes for adults. We offer sewing, English, and computer classes! This empowers adults with the knowledge they need to release themselves from poverty!

Current Programs

This beautiful water well was built in 2015 with funds provided by St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Rochester, MN. This well provides clean, fresh water to over 200 families in Port-au-Prince!

Family Assistance

Professional Training Center

This food program is for families that have a consistent difficulty with providing food for their families. We provide monthly assistance to the Elderly, widows who have a hard time providing meals for their children, and families with special needs children.

Santos Football Club