Jeff Martinak, Treasurer

sarah martinak, President

Meet the Staff of Vision Hope for Haiti

Julie kaehler, Secretary

Meet the Board of Vision Hope for Haiti - America

David Oeth, Vice President

Jonas, Sarah, Dou-Dou

Jonas, CEO, has an incredible story, one filled with hardships and faith. He started Vision Hope for Haiti when he was only 23. He has worked tirelessly for the people in his community and he seeks to reach all of Haiti with his vision to change its future.

Sarah met Jonas in 2012 on her first trip to Haiti, when he translated for the team she was on.

Dou-Dou speaks 5 languages. His passion and many skills make him a very valuable part of the team. He also keeps us laughing every day that we are with him.


​​our mission:

To create a better future for the people of Haiti

by empowering families.